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We understand that many of our clients may initially have reservations about travelling, especially flying. Obviously there are a few minor exceptions, but the majority of our clients holidays are trouble free. We have listed below a few of the questions we are most commonly asked.

Q. Am I allowed to fly?

A. The majority of people are able to fly and that includes people with breathing difficulties. Obviously all cases are individual and if you are unsure you need to check with your doctor, as we are not qualified to offer medical pharmacy advice.

Q. Can I stay in my wheelchair on the plane?

A. Unfortunately not, there are no safe methods available to clamp down a wheelchair on a plane.

Q. Can I pre book seats?

A. It is very difficult to pre-book a particular seat. Some airlines will not do this at all while others will, but for a fee. We do understand that many of our clients like to (or need to have) extra leg room and where possible we will spend the time trying to arrange this for you, although please bear in mind that sometimes it is just not possible. If we cannot pre-book seats it is always an advantage to check in as early as possible.

Q. Can I keep my wheelchair with me until I get on the plane?

A. At check in you will be asked if you would like an airport wheelchair, if you feel more comfortable you can usually keep your own wheelchair until you board. Each airline has its own procedure for boarding and disembarkation. As a general rule passengers requiring assistance and those with disabilities are boarded first.??If you are able to walk to your seat you will do so from the aircraft door, if not you will be transferred to an aisle chair (a narrow wheelchair) in order to get to your seat. Your wheelchair will then be stored for you in the hold.??The majority of airports that you will use will either have jettys or a hydraulic lift to enable you to get to the door of the aircraft. On the odd occasion where this service is not available you will be carried up and down the stairs. We understand that for some passengers this is not acceptable, please let us know and we will advise you of those destinations, where this situation will occur on a regular basis.??Occasionally it may be necessary for passengers to be carried when a technical fault occurs, this is obviously beyond our control.??In most cases passengers who require assistance will have to wait until all other passengers have disembarked. If you left your wheelchair at the aircraft door then you should check that it will be waiting for you on arrival, if not an airport chair will be provided and you should meet up with your chair again in the baggage hall. If you have requested assistance you will be escorted to the baggage reclaim area

Q. What happens if I need to go to the toilet during the flight?

A. Many aircraft used for short (European) flight do not have accessible toilets, therefore it is worth planning around this and thinking about the length of the flight. Almost every terminal will have accessible toilets both before and after the flight. On many long haul flights there are wider toilets available, but they are not that big. In addition, long haul aircraft frequently carry in-flight wheelchairs, which are similar in size to the aisle chairs used at the airports.

Q. Can I travel with an electric wheelchair or scooter?

A. Yes you can as long as it has either a gel, leak proof or dry cell battery. We would advise you to arrange insurance against possible damage

Q. What happens if my luggage or wheelchair are damaged during the flight?

A. If during transit any item or items of your luggage or wheelchair are damaged, you must report this immediately before leaving the baggage reclaim area, making sure that a report is completed and that you receive a copy.

Q. Do you provide representatives overseas in each destination?

A. Please note as holidays are arranged on an individual basis and tailored to each clients requirements, we do not have representative services available in the majority of the destinations we feature. Please ensure you refer to your itinerary, which will provide the appropriate contact details should you need assistance whilst on holiday.

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