Dear Philip

Thank you for arranging our Canada trip. We had a wonderful time and the weather for the most part was very good. We have some observations about our trip which you may be helpful to future clients.

Places Visited:

Quebec city was our favourite city followed by Toronto then Montreal. We liked Baie St Paul but there is not a lot to do at Tadoussac (our choice) and it was too wet and misty to see whales. Riviere du Loup (also our choice) does not have a lot to commend it and the restaurants in the hotel are mediocre.

Train Travel:

This worked exceptionally well. On our journey out to Montreal we had a table seat opposite a very nice younger couple and sorted the world. On our return journey we sat opposite a couple of our own age to whom I explained I had a problem with my legs but they seemed to be much more of a problem to them than they are to me and we had much sighing and harrumphing! We would now elect to have airline travel type seats rather than put up with that.

Assistance on the train was very efficient and we liked the checking luggage idea. They didn’t do that on our return trip but we wondered if that was because it was Labour Day.

Air Travel:

Air Canada was excellent on the way out. The return journey was not so good and I have complained to them. We were advised at check in that we were not seated beside each other. I said that we needed to be and had requested special assistance but she wouldn’t budge and told me to ask at the gate. We did eventually get seated together – they told me to get on to the golf cart and it drove off before I was properly on so I fell! I asked the customer services manager who came to see us about seats together and she pulled some strings. We did get seats together in the front row. However leg room is not good and in future we would go for seats further back as leg room is much better.