Hi Philip,

You recently organised a holiday for my mum and dad …….. and I was contacting you at the start of the enquiry.

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for organizing Mum and Dads holiday. Since mum’s mobility deteriorated she has lost her confidence in going outside and as a family never imagined her going on holiday again as apart from hospital appointments she never left  home.

It was such a pleasure to speak to them daily whilst on holiday and hear how much they were enjoying their time in Tenerife. To hear that they were in a bar on the front drinking mojitos or out shopping for birthday gifts was fantastic. As a family, myself and my brother and sister were loving hearing about their adventures. Adventures we never thought would happen due to mum’s mobility.

They have said since their return how well the holiday was organised and how much they appreciated your organization of everything hence my email.

Thank you for giving an older couple their spark back and we are currently discussing their next holiday so I am sure we will be in touch.

I think what you do is fantastic  and when someone is disabled they think they can’t have what an able person can and your company makes that possible so genuinely thank you.  David