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A Melodious Holiday: London for Visually Impaired Music Lovers

If you’re visually impaired, London has lots of exciting and highly accessible activities in store for disabled access holidays – especially if you’re a music enthusiast. Whether you’re a fan of classical, rock or jazz, this marvellous metropolis is home to first-class venues that accommodate every imaginable genre and taste. Read more

Montreal’s Most Marvellous Accessible Attractions

It is hard to describe the combination of urban coolness and colonial charm which combine to make up Canada’s most beguiling city. Montreal has beautiful historic architecture, stunning modern silhouettes and a vibrant,, bustling port – all of which make it a wonderful city to visit. Read more

Top Tips for Navigating London as a Visually Impaired Tourist

Thanks to the forward thinking work on accessibility by a series of London Mayors in conjunction with Transport for London and medicines usa key tourist sites, London has become one of Europe’s most accessible cities. Read more

How Whistler’s Adaptive Winter Sports Empower Disabled Skiers

If you’ve ever sat in front of Ski Sunday and thought you’d like to have a go, or watched the Winter Paralympics and wondered how those athletes got started, then it’s time to get out there and try it for yourself. Read more

Clients’ Choice: Can Be Done’s Accessible Excursions on Cyprus

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting feedback from happy customers when they get back from the itineraries my team and I have put together for them. When it comes to disabled access, doxycycline pharmacy, holidays in Cyprus tend to provide less mobile visitors with a smooth and stress-free experience. And Can Be Done can make them happen for you. Read more

Holidaying in Hudson Valley: 3 Wheelchair-Accessible Must-Sees

New York State has it all: stunning scenery, imposing buildings and monuments, and plenty of exciting activities happening at every time of day or night. But did you know that New York is also ideal if you’re planning holidays for disabled travellers? With its wheelchair-friendly entryways and level grounds, this extremely accessible region allows and encourages disabled travellers to make the very most of their East Coast getaway. Read more

The Best Wheelchair-Friendly Activities Around Finger Lakes

Racking your brains in search of perfect holidays for disabled travellers? Pause your frantic internet searches and phone calls – I’ve got a great insider tip for you. If you long for scenic views over glistening water, lots of sunshine, and a touch of culture and sophistication, exploring New York State’s famous Finger Lakes is exactly the right getaway for you. Read more

Discovering New York State by Wheelchair: Part 2

New York: a state known for its spectacular scenery, fascinating historical landmarks, and – most importantly – its accessibility. If you think you’ve seen all the disabled holidays out there, think again: I bet that you haven’t thought of a getaway in New York State. Fortunately, that’s about to change. My team and I have some expert tips for exploring the area by wheelchair, and are here to arrange the perfect itinerary for you. Read more

Discovering New York State by Wheelchair: Part 1

With its historical highlights and stunning natural scenery, the progressive state of New York has plenty in store for disabled holidays. Over the past decades, I have toured the state extensively, and have used my insider knowledge to assemble countless itineraries for disabled groups and individuals. Let me tell you about some of my favourite spots and activities in the area. Read more

Top 5 Accessible Hotels for a Family Holiday to the Canaries

The Canaries, with its year-round promise of warm sunshine and excellent facilities, makes the ideal destination for a range of disabled access holidays. I have been arranging holidays to the various beautiful islands for years, and my team and I regularly visit the area to check that the accommodation we recommend offers everything our guests are looking for.

Here is my list of the top five best hotels for those looking for great disabled access holidays. Read more

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