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Accessible Adventures in Amsterdam

Ah, wouldn’t you fancy a holiday in Holland? From cheese to windmills, the Netherlands has a wealth of cultural gems in store for cosmopolitan travellers. Over the years, I’ve not only found myself returning to Holland time and time again, but have also gained a special appreciation for its clear commitment to disabled access. Holidays here are truly a breath of fresh air for both able-bodied and handicapped visitors, thanks to the country’s progressive attitude towards accessibility. Read more

Scope Out the Accessible Gems of Jersey

When it comes to disabled access, holidays on the Island of Jersey couldn’t be more ideal. While this sunny oasis is only a stone’s throw away, its balmy temperatures, radiant sunshine and dramatic landscapes look and feel like they’re worlds away from home.  Read more

Copenhagen with Can Be Done: A City Guide for Wheelchair Users

I’ll always remember my first trip to Copenhagen, during which I spent a whole week soaking up its impressive sights, sounds, smells… and occasional rays of sunlight! The extensive history of Denmark’s capital can be traced back all the way to the tenth century, during which it served as a fishing village for the Vikings. It’s come a long way since its humble origins, boasting an eclectic array of traditional and hip architectural styles, shops, restaurants and museums today. Read more

Stay Close to Home: A 10-Day Staycation in the UK

When it comes to holidays, it’s important to remember Meg Cabot’s wise words: “Sometimes what you want is right in front of you.” This statement always comes to mind when my clients ask me about ‘staycations’, otherwise known as retreats within the United Kingdom. These trips have become increasingly popular in recent decades, as they allow for beautiful scenery and fun-filled excursions without breaking the bank. If you’re handicapped or planning a getaway with someone who is disabled, holidays that are close to home also circumvent the hassle of flying – not to mention that they’re phenomenally accessible. Read more

On the Road: An Accessible Road Trip through Ireland

Thanks to its charming castles, imposing cliffs and notoriously good beer, the Republic of Ireland is one of my clients’ favourite holiday destinations. Recently, one of them asked me to craft an itinerary for a road trip that encompassed the best of Ireland, which was quite a feat. Luckily, my many trips to this beautiful island prepared me well, and I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my happy holiday memories while creating a route that struck a great balance between countryside, coast and city visits (if I may say so myself!). Read more

Disneyland Paris: A Wheelchair-Friendly Paradise


Ever dreamt of visiting Disneyland Paris in France? Although exploring the venue’s extensive grounds may sound like quite a feat if you’re disabled, holidays in this dreamy theme park are entirely possible – and extremely entertaining! Read more

An Accessible and Harmonious Holiday in the Deep South

If you’re a music enthusiast, I’m sure you’ve considered living the musical American dream: immersing yourself in the sweet and smooth sounds of the Deep South. But while planning a trip to America can be daunting in and of itself, it can seem particularly nerve-racking if you’re visually impaired. However, I’ve found that southern cities such as New Orleans and Memphis are not only world-renowned for their musical vibes, but are also pioneers of disabled access. Holidays have the potential of being entirely stress-free – not to mention that they’ll be easy on the ear – if you know where to go. Read more

Top Tips for a Trip to Tenerife

Since Can Be Done’s founding over three decades ago, Tenerife has become a popular destination for disabled access holidays. Considering the island’s relatively flat terrain and outstanding accessibility standards, this comes as no surprise – but it provides the new challenge of choosing from a wide range of exciting excursions. If you’d like to receive an overview of some of the island’s best wheelchair-friendly activities, read on!  Read more

The Accessible Paradise of Paphos: Our Favourite Hotels

If you’re disabled, holidays can be nerve-racking. That’s why my team and I don’t take our task of alleviating your travel anxiety lightly. Instead, we give it our all, and make an effort to visit our clients’ priority destinations before offering expert – and firsthand – recommendations for the best outings and accommodation. Read more

Phil’s Pick: My Favourite Wheelchair-Friendly Hotels in Toronto

If taking in the hustle and bustle of Canada’s Toronto is on your bucket list, you’ve made a great choice: this must-see city is alive with museums, skyscrapers and stunning waterfront views. What’s more, its marked focus on accessibility makes it a very appealing place to visit – and keep returning to – if you’re physically disabled. Holidays that’ll exceed your highest expectations await! Read more

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