I’ll always remember my first trip to Copenhagen, during which I spent a whole week soaking up its impressive sights, sounds, smells… and occasional rays of sunlight! The extensive history of Denmark’s capital can be traced back all the way to the tenth century, during which it served as a fishing village for the Vikings. It’s come a long way since its humble origins, boasting an eclectic array of traditional and hip architectural styles, shops, restaurants and museums today.

Whether you’re a culture, history or food enthusiast – or even if you were simply hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal family – you’ll find that the city of Copenhagen will delight, surprise and charm you. While this sounds fantastic in theory, my team and I know that putting together an itinerary can be daunting in practice, especially if you’re disabled. Holidays to this beautiful city don’t have to – and really shouldn’t – be nerve-wracking, though, which is why we at Can Be Done have assembled an itinerary that ensures an accessible and stress-free experience. Let me give you a sneak peek into our offering.

Navigating the Streets

When we speak to clients about their concerns, they frequently bring up Copenhagen’s cobblestones. Like many cities in northern Europe, the Danish capital is renowned for its centuries-old roads, which are remarkable to look at but uncomfortable to drive a wheelchair – or even walk – over. Luckily my team and I have found that many of the city’s streets are equipped with twin tracks, which are comprised of smooth concrete and are the perfect size for wheelchairs. It’s ingenious, really – the streets maintain their historic charm, but simultaneously meet the needs of disabled travellers!

Seeing the Sights

If you are handicapped or are travelling with someone who is disabled, holidays don’t always entail a lot of sightseeing – either because the destination is not wheelchair-accessible, or because fear holds us back. In Copenhagen you won’t have to worry about either of these hindering factors: the sights that everyone dreams of visiting, such as the Gefion Fountain or the Little Mermaid, are easily reached by able-bodied and handicapped visitors alike. In the case of these two attractions, the surrounding walkways are particularly flat and wide, allowing you to enjoy the city’s glistening waterfront to the fullest.

After taking in the picture-perfect views of the harbour area, making your way to the historic centre couldn’t be easier. Unlike most other cities, Copenhagen’s public transportation is highly accessible to handicapped travellers: its buses are equipped with ramps and its Metros usually leave no gap between the train and the platform. But while these options are on the table, many of our clients prefer to opt for a less stressful experience by letting us organise a private transfer for them. All you have to do is ask!

Once you’re in the historic centre, a range of superb sights is right at your fingertips. From the City Hall to gourmet restaurants to vibrant galleries and museums, you’re certain to find multiple gems that catch your interest. What’s more, the majority of them are easily accessible via ramps, wide entrances and smooth surfaces, which is the dream of any traveller who is disabled. Holidays can’t get any better – or easier – than that!

Our clients always enjoy visiting the famous Tivoli Gardens, which boast two accessible entrances, several ramps and free wheelchair rentals. Even outside the city centre, such as at the Amalienborg and the Round Tower, safe and convenient wheelchair access – as well as accessible bathrooms – are a given.

Finding a Hotel

If you’re disabled, holidays in poorly equipped hotels are an absolute no-go. At Can Be Done we know that the process of choosing accommodation that meets your specific requirements can be frustrating or even anxiety-inducing, which is why we like to give our clients some insider tips – and even book a stay for them.

In the past, we and our clients have had nothing but positive experiences in the Andersen Boutique Hotel, which is situated in the centrally located Vesterbro District. In addition to its convenient location, this holiday haven has rooms with standalone, wheel-in showers designed specifically for guests with mobility issues.

Planning Your Trip

When it comes to wheelchair accessibility, Copenhagen has developed into a very progressive city in recent years. Thanks to its dedication to making its streets and sights easily navigable for those who are disabled, holidays in Denmark’s charming capital city couldn’t be more hassle-free… especially if you let us do the nitty-gritty planning for you. To find out more about our itineraries and hotel recommendations, get in touch with us today.