Ever dreamt of visiting Disneyland Paris in France? Although exploring the venue’s extensive grounds may sound like quite a feat if you’re disabled, holidays in this dreamy theme park are entirely possible – and extremely entertaining!

More than 25 years ago, Disneyland Paris first opened its doors to eager children and adults. Since then, it has risen to fame and become the most popular theme park in Europe, which is in no small part due to its fantastic customer service and its top-notch accessibility standards.

Over the years, I’ve arranged countless holidays to Disneyland Paris for my clients, who always praise the park’s ease of access and the staff’s remarkable consideration for disabled visitors. If you’re itching to find out why a family getaway to this magical spot is ideal for handicapped travellers, read on to get a sneak peek of my favourite accessible features.

Getting Around Disneyland Paris

If you’re concerned about making your way around Disneyland’s picturesque grounds, let me ease your mind: the park couldn’t be more wheelchair-friendly, and even has rental equipment on hand. All of its pathways are modern and very flat, making them ideal for travellers with physical handicaps. What’s more, you’ll find an accessibility map on site, which indicates how to get around the park via an ‘Easy Access Trail.’ This route is designed specifically for wheelchair users, allowing them to move swiftly and easily between attractions.

You’ll find that all lavatories are highly accessible, and that some – such as those at the Stunt Show and at Monteurs… Action! – are so spacious that able-bodied individuals are able to escort disabled visitors.

If you’re hoping to go on a shopping spree, you’re in luck: Disneyland Paris’ main street is peppered with many sought-after shops, all of which have been designed with those with mobility issues in mind. When you feel a bit peckish, I recommend popping into one of the table-service restaurants, which all of my past clients have loved. If you’re after a quick bite, it’s also possible to order a meal from one of the self-service restaurants. However, be aware that these venues generally have narrow waiting areas that are not ideal for wheelchair users, although staff members are usually accommodating.

Passes for Adrenaline-Fuelled Rides

Although exploring the lovely shops and restaurants is an absolute must, let’s talk about the real reason behind Disneyland Paris’ popularity: its hair-raising rides! If you’re handicapped or are travelling with someone who is disabled, holidays filled with thrilling delights await – and you won’t even have to wait in queues!

When I arrange getaways to the theme park for my clients, they often tell me that they most appreciated the suggestion of requesting a Priority Card. This pass is intended specifically for travellers with mobility issues, enabling them to reserve a ride for a designated time, and then access it immediately via its accessible entrances.

Along with escaping the park’s notoriously long queues, the Priority Card lets able-bodied individuals accompany a handicapped guest. While four helpers is the maximum, it’s imperative that at least one assistant who is 18 or older escorts and aids a disabled visitor on the ride. As my team and I – as well as the park’s on-site staff – are  adamant about keeping all guests safe and sound, I always remind my clients to adhere to this rule at all times.


If you’re handicapped or are accompanying someone who is disabled, holidays in Disneyland Paris – or anywhere else – require a hotel with outstanding accessibility standards. As choosing an accommodation that suits your needs can make or break a trip, we at Can Be Done are more than happy to offer recommendations, and will even book a stay for you. As Disney Hotels have a restricted number of wheelchair-friendly rooms, we suggest staying in one of our portfolio’s magical holiday havens. Here are two of my clients’ all-time favourites:

Vienna International Dream Castle Hotel – If you’ve always wanted to stay in a chic French château, now’s the time! This 4-star hotel is situated in the perimeter of the theme park. What’s more, it’s known for its exceptional accessible rooms and public areas, ensuring that all guests – disabled and able-bodied alike – have an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Explorers at Disneyland – If you’re looking to further enchant your trip, follow in the footsteps of our satisfied customers and opt for a stay at this holiday oasis. In addition to boasting a great location on the eastern side of Disneyland Resort Paris, its water park, games room, restaurant and – most importantly – its disabled access rooms make it the perfect accommodation for fun-filled family retreats.

While it can often be nerve-wracking to plan a getaway when you’re disabled, holidays in Disneyland Paris are easy, enjoyable and one of our specialties – so why not let us do the planning for you? If you’d like to embark on the magical trip of a lifetime, Can Be Done is here to make it happen. You’ll be whooping with glee on the park’s exhilarating rides before you know it!