Since Can Be Done’s founding over three decades ago, Tenerife has become a popular destination for disabled access holidays. Considering the island’s relatively flat terrain and outstanding accessibility standards, this comes as no surprise – but it provides the new challenge of choosing from a wide range of exciting excursions. If you’d like to receive an overview of some of the island’s best wheelchair-friendly activities, read on! 

Cities to Visit

Costa Adeje – Situated in southern Tenerife, Costa Adeje is a prime spot for luxurious disabled access holidays. From chic boutiques to idyllic beaches to upscale restaurants, prepare to recharge and relax in style. Our handicapped clients are particularly fond of this location, thanks to its highly accessible and flat public areas.

Santa Cruz – If you paid attention in geography class, you’ll know that Santa Cruz is Tenerife’s capital city. This coastal paradise is peppered with myriad museums and architectural wonders that are well worth exploring. What’s more, the city’s exceptional selection of vibrant bars, restaurants and cafes will allow you to savour the island’s local gastronomy in a relaxed setting. While the majority of Santa Cruz sits on level ground and is perfectly equipped for handicapped visitors, a trip to its beach is less advisable.

Discover Teide National Park  

For nature lovers visiting Tenerife, exploring the Teide National Park is an absolute must. When my team and I plan disabled access holidays to Tenerife, we always recommend that clients take in the striking beauty of the park’s volcano and surrounding scenery via the Roque de Caramujo Path, which is entirely accessible for wheelchair users if they’re accompanied by an able-bodied individual. After immersing yourself in the park’s wild landscapes, why not conclude this idyllic outing at one of the two on-site visitor centres? Here you can reward yourself with a cool beverage and learn more about the park’s longstanding history.

The Island of La Gomera

If you’re after some peace and quiet, an outing to the nearby island of La Gomera is your best bet. Rather than boasting a pulsating city or beach, this oasis of tranquillity is known for its volcanic landscape, rugged rainforests and black-sand beaches, which have remained virtually untouched by civilization over the centuries. While accessing the hiking trails is not advisable for handicapped travellers, there are many other ways to take in the sights and sounds of La Gomera. For example, why not enjoy the surrounding beauty over a glass of full-bodied wine?


If these outings in and around Tenerife gave you a travel itch, why not scratch it by experiencing the island’s natural and cultural gems firsthand? As experts in the field of disabled access holidays, we’re here to take the anxiety-inducing task of planning your trip off of your shoulders. From organising excursions and accommodation, it can be done with Can Be Done!