If taking in the hustle and bustle of Canada’s Toronto is on your bucket list, you’ve made a great choice: this must-see city is alive with museums, skyscrapers and stunning waterfront views. What’s more, its marked focus on accessibility makes it a very appealing place to visit – and keep returning to – if you’re physically disabled. Holidays that’ll exceed your highest expectations await!

Toronto’s major attractions, such as the Harbourfront Centre and the CN Tower, are all equipped with accessibility amenities, including spacious lifts and wheelchair-friendly toilets. While that’s all well and good, however, every wheelchair user knows that finding suitable accommodation is equally – if not more – important for ensuring a pleasant experience. To help you make the right choice, my team and I have compiled a list of Toronto’s finest accessible hotels.

Courtyard Toronto Downtown

If you’re disabled, holidays in hotels with narrow hallways, no lifts and small bathrooms are simply not an option. Fortunately, my own stay at the centrally located Courtyard Toronto Downtown was the complete opposite: in fact, the building’s design and facilities are perfect for all visitors.

Upon entering from Yonge Street, you’ll immediately realise how accessible this hotel is. The entrances to the reception, pool, restaurant and fitness centre are large and unimpeded, allowing you to make your way around public areas with ease. It’s also clear to see that its wide hallways were designed with wheelchair users in mind. There are a number of private bedrooms that are intended for handicapped travellers, which we are more than happy to reserve for you.

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

If you’re hoping to stay near the idyllic waters of Lake Ontario, we can arrange a stay in the Sheraton Centre for you. This hotel, which sports a chic and contemporary interior, is only a few minutes away from the waterfront, making it a very popular place to stay among our clients.

Along with its stunning setting, its wheelchair-friendly features cannot be bested. Its outdoor and indoor swimming pools, lounge and fitness centre are all easily reachable and spacious, while its bedrooms are equipped with portable lavatory seats, roll-in showers or bathtubs with grab bars and 32-inch doorframes.

Chelsea Hotel

This hotel not only boasts a fantastic downtown location, but also has a first-class policy for handicapped guests. In addition to teaching its staff members how to assist disabled visitors, all public areas, such as the venue’s fitness centre, rooftop terrace and swimming pool, are fully and easily accessible.

There’s another perk: if you’re assisting or simply travelling with someone who is disabled, holidays at the Chelsea Hotel are extremely economical when you share a room. In fact, there’s no additional charge for a second guest in an accessible room!

When you’re disabled, holidays are often an intimidating feat… but that’s certainly not the case when you’re travelling to Toronto. Considering how accessible the city’s attractions and hotels are, it’s easy to see why my team and my clients can’t get enough of this special spot.


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