If you’re visually impaired, London has lots of exciting and highly accessible activities in store for disabled access holidays – especially if you’re a music enthusiast. Whether you’re a fan of classical, rock or jazz, this marvellous metropolis is home to first-class venues that accommodate every imaginable genre and taste.

As a music lover myself, I’ve attended many of London’s concert halls and music venues over the years. If hearing the world’s finest musicians play live sounds like your idea of fun, take a look at my personal guide to the city’s best – and most accessible – sites. Of course, my team and I are also on hand to put our expertise towards creating your own musical travel itinerary.


St. Martin-in-the-Fields – Let’s start with this world-famous church, which is renowned for its classical concerts and its excellent acoustics. Thanks to the venue’s frequent performances, it’s often possible to choose between mid-day, early evening or late-night concerts. For additional convenience, the church has an easily accessible wheelchair ramp on its north side, as well as a lift that’ll take you down to the Crypt. If you’re interested in learning more about this historic church’s history, it’s also possible to take an audio tour during the day.

The Royal Opera House – If you’re a fan of classical music, you’ve surely dreamt of attending a concert or opera at the Royal Opera House , situated in Covent Garden. This impressive venue not only hosts the best musicians and singers in the world, but is also dedicated to accommodating handicapped guests. If you’re attending an opera, for example, simply go to the Box Office, where you’ll receive access to audio material that describes the costumes and the set.


606 Club – This Chelsea-based club is known for featuring music from British performers. If you’d like to attend one of the nightly performances, I’m happy to reserve a table at this crowded venue for you, which will allow you to savour a fancy 3-course meal. Meanwhile, your ears will enjoy the food of love!

Ronnie Scott’s – When it comes to disabled access holidays in London, going to Ronnie Scott’s in Soho is an absolute must. If you’re a jazz fan, you’ll be particularly impressed with this club’s performances, which feature top-notch musicians on a regular basis. To get the most of these world-class performances, my team and I can book front-stage seats for you, from where you’ll be able to experience an unobstructed wall of sound. What’s more, the club serves delectable food and has a fantastic selection of drinks, which you’re welcome to enjoy during the concert.

The Elgar Room – If you’re looking for an elegant evening out, a show at the Elgar Room, situated inside the famous Royal Albert Hall, is right up your alley. This chic venue is not only home to a remarkable restaurant (with an extensive wine list!), but is also known for hosting nothing but the finest musicians. Thanks to its intimate setting, you can be sure that you won’t be disturbed as you immerse yourself in the sensational sounds of famous or up-and-coming jazz groups.


The Camden Roundhouse – If you’d rather listen to the world’s greatest rock stars, you’re in for a real treat at North London’s Roundhouse. This venue regularly hosts some of the biggest names in the rock industry, but is also known to open up the stage to the most promising artists of tomorrow. I always recommend that my visually impaired clients opt for tickets in the club’s seated area, which enables them to devote their full attention to the music.  In fact, why not let me book the tickets for you?

Brixton Academy – Of course, you can’t claim to be a true fan of rock if you haven’t heard of the award-winning Brixton Academy. This special spot is where most legendary bands first claimed their fame, so you’re sure to get a sneak-peek into some of the best up-and-coming artists. The space has a downstairs standing area, as well as a balcony with seats, which is highly recommended for visually impaired guests.


West End Theatres – Whether you’re hoping to tap your foot to the newest musical or get invested in an up-and-coming play’s plot, there’s no better place than London’s West End. This spot, which is a Mecca for musical and/or drama enthusiasts, boasts more than 40 reputable theatres, along with countless restaurants and bars. In my personal experience, planning a musical into disabled access holidays is especially worthwhile, as the theatres are generally quick to offer additional services to visually impaired guests.


And there you have it: London’s finest music venues for disabled access holidays. If you’d like to find out more about the city’s music scene, or are itching to hear about the best accessible hotels or transport options, my team and I are happy to help – and will even organise your trip for you!