Servigroup, which operates 9 hotels in and around Benidorm, have announced that mobility scooters will no longer be allowed in their hotels. This decision has come about as a result of chaotic situations where the hotel lobbies and reception areas have frequently become clogged with parked scooters.

The issue has nothing to do with guests with disabilities. Instead it has everything to do with a trend in Benidorm (and presumably in other resorts too) of able-bodied people renting scooters as a cheap and easy way to get around the resorts. While it’s easy to see why the hotels felt the need to take action, the way they have chosen to deal with the problem is likely to cause serious issues to travellers who genuinely need the scooters to get around.

See the full story (along with some pictures of blatant offenders) on the Benidorm All Year Round website: Mobility scooter ban at Servigroup