A report this week highlighted the new developments in smartphone apps which could make independent journeys easier for disabled travellers, both in the UK and abroad.

While the news coverage of the report, like this story on the Politics website, focuses on the lack of awareness among disabled and elderly travellers of assistive smartphone technology, the report also describes several very useful apps to help disabled travellers while exploring unfamiliar places on their holidays. It mentions Jaccede, an app which http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/xanax/ lists accessibility information for train stations, toilets and shops all over the world; and Assist-MI, which allows travellers with disabilities to send an alert to participating sites, whether they are shopping centres, train stations or airports, letting them know that they are on their way and automatically communicating their accessibility needs.

Here’s the full report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology: Meeting the Needs of Older and Disabled Travellers