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Discovering New York State by Wheelchair: Part 2

New York: a state known for its spectacular scenery, fascinating historical landmarks, and – most importantly – its accessibility. If you think you’ve seen all the disabled holidays out there, think again: I bet that you haven’t thought of a getaway in New York State. Fortunately, that’s about to change. My team and I have some expert tips for exploring the area by wheelchair, and are here to arrange the perfect itinerary for you. Read more

Discovering New York State by Wheelchair: Part 1

With its historical highlights and stunning natural scenery, the progressive state of New York has plenty in store for disabled holidays. Over the past decades, I have toured the state extensively, and have used my insider knowledge to assemble countless itineraries for disabled groups and individuals. Let me tell you about some of my favourite spots and activities in the area. Read more

Top 5 Accessible Hotels for a Family Holiday to the Canaries

The Canaries, with its year-round promise of warm sunshine and excellent facilities, makes the ideal destination for a range of disabled access holidays. I have been arranging holidays to the various beautiful islands for years, and my team and I regularly visit the area to check that the accommodation we recommend offers everything our guests are looking for.

Here is my list of the top five best hotels for those looking for great disabled access holidays. Read more

Find a Warm Welcome and Excellent Accessibility in Canada

The beautiful country of Canada has so much to offer with its stretches of unspoilt wilderness and vibrant urban cities, that it really is a holiday destination that has it all. But most importantly, as a nation, Canada is all about inclusivity and has worked hard to ensure that accessibility is at the forefront of planning across the country. This makes it a fantastic place for those looking to book disabled holidays with friends or family.

At Can Be Done we regularly hear back from our clients that the holidays we’ve arranged for them to Canada have been refreshingly easy to manage, so I thought I’d pass on their many recommendations for destinations across Canada to you. Read more

Enjoy Autumn in New England at Accessible Destinations

New England By SteveR- is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Experiencing the autumn colours of the trees of New England in America really is one of the great natural wonders of the modern world and deserves its place on many people’s bucket lists. At Can Be Done we’ve searched out the most mobility-friendly locations from which to experience this beautiful annual scene for those looking to make it a memorable part of their planned disabled access holidays. Read more

Barcelona Offers a Warm Welcome to Disabled Travellers

It can sometimes seem like all the most interesting European cities throw up a range of challenges to those looking to book disabled holidays, whether the challenge is cobble stone paving, stone steps or a limited amount of lift access to historic monuments. But look a little closer and you’ll discover that many of these cities are working hard to make themselves more accessible to the disabled traveller. Read more

Bahamas aims to attract disabled travellers

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recently been urging countries to look at how they measure up in terms of accessible tourism, and to take the necessary steps to open up their hotels and attractions to people with disabilities. The Bahamas is the latest nation to take the initiative, recognising that the benefits of accessibility go far beyond attracting foreign holidaymakers; they will also benefit their own growing ageing population. In September they will host a symposium on accessible travel, and the government have created a department catering for people with disabilities; small but important first steps.

It’s encouraging to see countries deciding that providing accessible facilities is the right thing to do; hopefully the lure of the benefits brought by the resulting rise in tourism will be enough to see these aspirations come to fruition.

See the full story here: Bahamas To Target Disabled Tourists

Can Be Done offer a selection of hand-picked accessible hotels in the Caribbean.

Royal Palace on Mallorca opens its doors to public

There will be a new attraction for visitors to Mallorca from early 2017, when the gardens of the summer residence of the King and Queen of Spain open to the public. Marivent Palace was built in 1923 for the painter John Saridakis. When he died, the house was donated to the local authorities on condition that it would be a museum, but was soon adopted as a summer home for the Royal Family.

There has been recent political pressure to open the 33,000 sq m of gardens, and the King has given his blessing for public access to Marivent for over 9 months every year (it will remain closed when the King and Queen are in residence). Toilets and benches are being installed, and there will be access for disabled visitors.

Read more about the story here: Gardens of Marivent Palace to open to the public


UK airports can improve access for disabled passengers, according to CAA report

While the major UK airports may be gradually improving in terms of the facilities they offer to passengers with disabilities, there’s still a long way to go according to a recent report by the CAA.

The report grades each of the UK airports according to how well they provide support and access to passengers with a disability or reduced mobility, and looks specifically at waiting times for assistance, passenger satisfaction levels, and the amount of consultation between the airports and disability organisations. Manchester Airport was praised for conducting surveys of users, allowing them to quickly identify the areas they need to fix. Heathrow, while commended for many recent improvements, needs to improve the understanding of assistance needs by its frontline staff.

Read more about the CAA report: New CAA report rates airports on quality of assistance for passengers with a disability or reduced mobility (the article includes a link to the full report).


Barcelona – Europe’s most accessible city?

Some cities have taken more care than others to provide good access for both residents and visitors with disabilities. Barcelona is often highlighted as one of the best of the bunch, and visitors to the city quickly notice that public transport, hotels and major attractions have largely been designed (or updated) with disabled visitors in mind. For example Barcelona is one of very few cities where 100% of its buses are accessible; most metro stations (including all those recently built or redeveloped) also have wheelchair access. See this story from Catalan News Agency for more details, and check out the hand-picked selection of Barcelona hotels used by Can Be Done Holidays.

Mind you, one wheelchair user took his freedom to ride on Barcelona’s street a little too seriously – this video of him weaving in and out of the city’s traffic has taken the internet by storm.

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