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No. 1 for Disabled Holidays


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Planning a holiday is stressful at the best of times, but when you have a disability it can feel like a nightmare. As well as deciding where to go, what to do and how to get there, you have to consider whether all facilities will be compatible with your needs.

Holidays with specialist tour operators may cost more, but a hassle free experience may justify the higher price. Can Be Done Ltd is the UK's member of Federation for Integrated Tourism for the UK, specialising in tailor made holidays for people with all forms and degrees of disability. Whether you want a six-week drive through Europe in an adapted vehicle or to go dog-sleighing in Scandinavia using specially designed equipment, there is tremendous variation in the destinations, type and duration of holiday offered.

If you have always wanted a city break or to finally visit relatives in Australia, Can Be Done will try to match your individual request to what is available. Provisions for disabled people are improving all the time; Madrid now has wheelchair compatible taxis, most airlines cater for disabled people and some aeroplane toilets open to allow a carer to go in and assist. All flights, accommodation and facilities are assessed so you will not be offered anything incompatible with your needs. You are the best judge of your capabilities so be firm and honest when stating them. Going with a specialist tour operator does not mean you have to sacrifice control of your itinerary or your independence.

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